Devotionals for All Ages

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Do you want to improve your relationship with God?

How do you make friends with people? By spending time with them. The same can be said for God. If we want to know him, not just know about him, but really know him, we must spend time with Him. Some of the most helpful items we carry are our devotionals. We have a full line, with devotionals that are designed for many different people. There's one especially for you.

Adult Devotionals

Portraits of JesusPortraits of Jesus

In his unique treatment of Jesus' names and titles, George W. Brown has reaffirmed the biblical assertion, "there is non other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12). Portraits of Jesus eloquently reminds us that everyone who receives Jesus as Savior and Lord has the guarantee of God's forgiveness, acceptance, and peace--a "life that measures with the life of God."

Hardcover, 377 pages, $10.99.

Walking With JesusWalking With Jesus

Walk with Jesus on the Mount of Blessing as you explore the depths of His sermon and experience the transforming power of His words.

Author George Knight takes a progressive look at the 111 verses of Matthew 5-7 and shows how they cover nearly every aspect of Christian belief and living. He also leads you to many texts in the Bible that shed further light on Jesus' sermon on the mount.

Hardcover, 380 pages, $10.99

Available Adult Devotionals:
Behold His Glory 90-Sr-Dev 3.97
Conflict and Courage 10.99
Faith I Live By 8.99
God's Amazing Grace 74-Sr-Dev 10.99
His Healing Love 8.99
In Heavenly Places 10.99
Lift Him Up 89-Sr-Dev 10.99
Maranatha 10.99
Morning Praise 93-Sr-Dev 10.99
My Life Today 8.99
Our Father Cares 92-Sr-Dev 10.99
Our High Calling 8.99
Portraits of Jesus 98-Ev-Dev 10.99
Reflecting Christ 86-Sr-Dev 10.99
Sons & Daughters of God 8.99
Such Bright Hopes 88-Sr-Dev 1.97
Sure as the Dawn 94-Sr-Dev 10.99
That I May Know Him 8.99
This Day With God 10.99
Upward Look 10.99
Walking with Jesus 97-Sr-Dev 10.99
Welcome Holy Spirit 95-Sr-Dev 10.99
World to Love 91-Sr-Dev 3.97
Ye Shall Receive Power 96-Sr-Dev 10.99

Women's Devotionals

From the HeartFrom the Heart

They write from around the world and all walks of life, sharing the joy of what God is doing in their lives. How he has turned emptiness into abundance, tentative first steps into exciting new journeys, and difficult experiences into life-changing encounters with His love. Their stories are faith-affirming and powerful, and, coming deep from the heart they will daily touch and inspire your own.

Hardback, 416, $12.99.

Close to HomeClose to Home

Their experiences are uniquely personal, yet their words sound comfortingly familiar. You've faced the same struggles, uttered the same prayers, and felt the same longings that fill these women's hearts.

Their stories strike a chord deep within you, resonating hope and energy in your walk with God. And His leading in their lives sweetly echoes His promise never to stop guiding your own.

They write from all walks of life and from all around the world, but the thoughts they share always touch close to home.

Hardcover, 416 pages, $12.99

Available Women's Devotionals:
Close to Home 97-Woman-Dev 14.99
Close to Home Journal 5.99
From the Heart 98-Woman-Dev 14.99
Gift of Love 95-Woman-Dev 14.99
Gift of Love Journal 5.99
Listening Heart 94-Woman-Dev 14.99
Listening Heart Journal 5.99
Moment of Peace 96-Women-Dev 14.99
Moment of Peace Journal 5.99

Teen Devotionals

My Father Owns this PlaceMy Father Owns This Place

So no worries--He'll work it out. No matter what you're up against. These powerful stories help you see just how much He cares about everything, and how He'll always be there for you, always. You'll catch new insights into His grace, what it means to trust Him, the power of prayer, living the Christian life, sharing Him with others, and a lot more.

Paper, 158 pages, $7.99.

I'd Rather Kiss a CatfishI'd Rather Kiss a Catfish

His nickname was "Satan's schoolmate," and he was often heard saying he'd rather kiss a catfish than set foot in a church. Then one day the love of his family changed his mind.

How do you do that--be so full of Jesus' love and joy that people actually see Him in your life?

You'll find a few answers in this book. It's full of exciting things about growing in Jesus. Experiencing His grace and joy. Sharing Him with others. Being a really happy Christian. And a lot more.

Paperback, 158 pages, $7.99.

Available Teen Devotionals:
Great Tennis Shoe 96-Teen 7.99
I'd Rather Kiss Catfish 97-Teen 8.99
My Father Owns This Place 98-Teen 8.99
Peace Like a Spider 95-Teen 7.99

Junior Devotionals

Sunny Side UpSunny Side Up

Close your eyes for a second and try to imagine Jesus with a big frown on His face as He creates a platypus. Pretty hard, isn't it? The Jesus who made kangaroos and ticklish spots on you feet had to be fun to be around. But some people can't see that, because they don't know Jesus.

These daily devotionals will give you some great ideas on how you can share the real Jesus--a loving Jesus full of joy--with everyone you meet.

Paperback, 381 pages, $10.99.

Secrets from the Treasure ChestSecrets from the Treasure Chest

"If you want to go to heaven, and you don't think you're going to make it, what will happen?", "I have trouble talking to my parents about personal things. Do you have any advice?", "Why does it seem that when you pray, God doesn't hear you?", "What should you do if a friend is doing drugs?"

Using God's Word, the writings of Ellen White, and personal experience, Charles Mills responds to questions like these asked by kids like you from all over North America. Tough questions about God, home life, school, relationships, church, and religion for which Jesus has some pretty good answers.

Paperback, 381 pages, $10.99.

Available Junior Devotionals:
Friends for Keeps 96-Jr-Dev 10.99
Go for the Gold 92-Jr-Dev 3.97
Good Morning God #1 6.99
Good Morning God #2 6.99
Good Morning God #3 6.99
Jesus & Me The Summer 1.97
Jumpstart! 91-Jr-Dev 3.97
Make God First 87-Jr-Dev 4.97
Morning Riser 89-Jr-Dev 10.99
Nature Quest 95-Jr-Dev 10.99
Official 93 Dev 4 Kids 93-Jr-Dev 3.97
Secrets/Treasure Chest 97-Jr-Dev 10.99
Stepping Stones 88-Jr-Dev 3.97
Sunny Side Up 98-Jr-Dev 10.99
Way to Go 94-Jr-Dev 10.99

Preschool Devotionals

Little Talks With JesusLittle Talks With Jesus

What does Jesus look like? How old is God? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why can't we see the angels? Will my puppy be in heaven?

These preschool devotionals are especially adapted to what little children are thinking about spiritually. Written in simple, direct language and filled with wonderful stories, they introduce children to a loving God who made them very special and is interested in every aspect of their lives.

Hardback, 223 pages, $10.99.

Growing With JesusGrowing With Jesus

Here are delightful character-building stories and worship activities for the growing little Christian in our home.

Written in simple language by a variety of authors, they are especially adapted to the spiritual needs of preschool children.

Make them part of your child's daily worship experience. They will bring you many precious moments together as you grow closer to each other and the Lord.

Hardback, 223 pages, $10.99.

Available Preschool Devotionals:
Growing Up With Jesus 97-Ps-Dev 10.99
Little Talks w/Jesus 95-Ps-Dev 10.99
Quiet Times With Jesus 96-Ps-Dev 10.99


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