Books for Teens

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Best Friends Series
Who is Alex Best? 5.99
Whatcha Doin', Alex? 5.99
Facing the Music 5.99
Jackie, Get a Life 5.99
Who Loves Alex Best? 5.99
Bucky Stone Series
Outcast on the Court 5.99
Bad News in Bangkok 5.99
Bucky's Close Shave 5.99
Bucky Gets Busted 5.99
Summer Camp Scars 5.99
Fire in Paradise 5.99
Final Game 5.99
High on Adventure Book-I 8.99
High on Adventure Book-II 9.99
High on Adventure Book-III 9.99
Horse Called Blackberry 7.99
Horse Called Mayonnaise 7.99
Insight Presents More Unforgettable Stories II 10.99
Insight's Most Unforgettable Stories 9.99
Steps to Christ Youth-Edition .45
Your Life, Your Choice 5.99



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