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The books in this section aren't about heavy doctrines. But the are just as important, maybe more. They're about relationships. Relationships with God, and with our fellow man.

The Worshiping HeartThe Worshiping Heart

Drawing from her personal experience in learning to worship God, Carrol Johnson Shewmake shares valuable insights that will help you have a more meaningful worship experience and grow even closer to Him.

Paperback, 144 pages, $8.99.

Things We Don't Talk AboutThings We Don't Talk About

We all have them. Those unspoken fears and struggles that erode the joy and assurance of our Christian experience. Whatever our concerns we keep silent, convinced that a good Christian would never struggle with such things. Skip MacCarty believes that our silence keeps us from enjoying the rich blessings that happen when we share honestly with each other. In this highly personal book he draws from his own struggles as a Christian and shares powerful spiritual principals he's learned through the years that have helped him greatly.

Paper, 190 pages, $14.99.

The Embrace of GodThe Embrace of God

It's almost inevitable--what we think and feel about our parents shapes our view of God. Our childhood and even adult relationships with our parents paint for us a limited portrait of a loving God. The human shortcomings of all parents, though, can distort that portrait. We form false views of God that bring confusion. Wariness. Perhaps even deep wounds that ravage trust. All of us can benefit from examining the roots of how we see God--to understand how we can experience The Embrace of God.

Paper, 219 pages, $9.99.

Available Christian Living Books
101 Questions Adventists Ask 14.99 14.99
Adventist Healthstyle 8.99 8.99
Belonging 12.99 12.99
Burned Out On Being Good 9.99 8.99
Christ's Way to Spiritual Growth 12.99 12.99
Conquering Dragon Within   ANC 13.99 9.97
Coping with Cancer & Chemo  STAN 8.99 8.99
Deepen my Heart 10.99 10.99
Embrace of God 9.99 9.99
God Says But I Think ANC  INSP 9.99 9.99
God's Ltl Book of Encourag. STAN 4.99 4.99
God's Plan for Wealth     WB 9.99 9.99
Heartache and Healing 8.99 2.97
Heaven's Lifestyle Today 12.99 12.99
Here I Come Ready Or Not  INSP 8.99 8.99
Hold Me, Help Me, Heal Me 11.99 11.99
How Dare U Judge Us God?   ANC 7.99 7.99
How Jesus Treated People  INSP 9.99 9.99
How to Find True Happiness 7.99 7.99
How to Get Beyond Lonliness 8.99 8.99
How To Know God's Will    INSP 8.99 8.99
I Can't Find a Heartbeat 9.99 9.99
Idea of Bosnia              STAN 10.99 2.97
In The Light Of Gods Lov  SPSG 9.99 9.99
Insiders Gd-Kingdom God    VOP 2.29 2.29
It's Your Money         Syllabus 2.99 2.99
It's Your Money!           Paper 8.99 8.99
Joy in Jesus 9.99 9.99
Living God's Love         INSP 8.99 5.97
Making Sabbath Special 10.99 9.99
Never Good Enough          LIF 11.99 11.99
No Mask Required            STAN 8.99 8.99
Nothing to Fear 9.99 9.99
On Eagles' Wings          SPSG 4.99 4.99
On Wings of Praise 12.99 12.99
Out of the Pit 11.99 11.99
Overcomers, The            IIW 4.99 4.99
Popcorn, The Pearly Gate   ANC 8.99 1.97
Present Truth/Real World   ANC 10.99 10.99
Scandals of the Bible       STAN 9.99 9.99
Searching for a God to Love 11.99 11.99
Searching for a God to Love SG 1.49 1.49
Serving God's Purpose 8.99 8.99
Surrender 7.99 7.99
Surviving the Loss of Loved STAN 9.99 9.99
That Kind Never Change Can They? 11.99 11.99
They're All Dead Aren't They 10.99 10.99
Things We Don't Talk About 14.99 14.99
Think Big                     CL 14.99 14.99
Think Big            Audio-Pages 12.99 12.99
Think Big            Mass-Market 5.99 5.99
Too Deep for Tears          STAN 8.99 8.99
Too Hurt to Love 10.99 10.99
Touch of Heaven 11.99 11.99
Toxic Trends 4.99 .97
Unleash the Dream 8.99 8.99
Venden Classics Set 27.97 27.97
Welcome to SDA Church   Cassette 4.00 4.00
When God Comes to Visit 9.99 9.99
When God's Heart Breaks 9.99 2.97
When Mourning Breaks 8.99 8.99
Why Be Good 8.99 2.97
Your Friends the Objections 1.75 1.75
Your Religion Is Too Small 11.99 11.99


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