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The books in this section fall under several different categories. Deep theological studies, Church and ministry manuals and directories, and books on witnessing.

Biblical Research Institute
Doctrine of the Sanctuary 9.99
Selected Studies on Prophetic Interpretation 6.99
Symposium on Daniel 12.99
70 Weeks, Leviticus & Prophecies 12.99
Issues in Book of Hebrews 9.99
Biblical Interpretation Today 4.99
Symposium on Revelation Book-1 12.99
Symposium on Revelation Book-2 12.99
Christ's Way of Reaching People 9.99
Church Directory 7.99
Church Manual 1996-CL 10.99
Church Manual 1996-PA 7.99
Dynamic Small Groups 7.99
Evangelism 2000 9.99
How to Preach 7.99
Issues: 16 Page Booklet .25
Last Word 13.99
Manual for Press Relations 19.99
Memorable Baby Dedications 29.99
Ministry Description Brochure Set 17.99
New Ways 2 Tell Old Story 1.49
Path to the Heart 8.99
Pathfinder Honors, The 8.99
Pictorial Aids to Bible Study 48.99
Preparing for Baby's Dedication 9.99
Project Affirm-Personal Values 12.99
Sharing Our Faith With Friends 13.99
Simple & Easy Way 1.49
Three Angels and Crescent 8.99
Value Genesis-Faith In the Balance 12.99
What To Say 7.99
Your Muslim Neighbor & You 2.99



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