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Parents, nothing is more important than our children. These books will help you raise your kids right, and give you answers to the questions that matter most.

How to Help Your Child Really Love JesusHow to Help Your Child Really Love Jesus

Based on her insights from the fields of child development and religious education, Dr. Habenicht explains how children develop spiritually and offers practical suggestions on how you can help your child establish a lasting friendship with God. She shows how to teach children to love, trust and obey, to forgive and ask for forgiveness, and to respect God's Word. You'll learn how to lead your children to Jesus and help them connect with God through prayer.

Paper, 224 pages, $11.99.

Books for Parents
52 Things to Do on Sabbath 2.99
Bible Based Answers to Questions About Love & Sex 7.99
Complete Parent PA 9.99
Complete Parent Workbook 5.99
Easy Obedience 11.99
Family Fun 6.99
Happiness Homemade 7.99
How to Help Your Child Really Love Jesus 11.99
How To Teach Bible With Power 7.99
Ladder of Life - Act/Song Book 9.99
Ladder of Life - Student Set-8 31.99
Ladder of Life Complete-Set 39.99
Mom to Mom 9.99
Peter's Counsel to Parents 4.95
Please, Make My Mummy Nice 8.99
When Your Child Turns From God 10.99



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