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The Incredible Power of PrayerThe Incredible Power of Prayer

Roger Morneau is a man of remarkable faith. When he prays, things happen. And its exciting! Some miracles have saved him from certain death. But most are in response to prayers for others. Patients dying in a hospital get well. Shattered families are reunited. Addicts find freedom. And hearts are changed. Every year Roger receives thousands of calls and letters requesting intercessory prayer. As he shares God's amazing answers, he shows how you too can take hold of the incredible power of prayer.

Paperback, 127 pages.

Incredible Power of Prayer Prices:
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Price Each 1.99 1.59 1.35 1.28

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When We Pray For OthersWhen We Pray for Others

When a personal crisis brought Carrol Shewmake to the feet of Jesus, she learned precious truths about intercessory prayer. She was led down a new path in her spiritual journey--beyond prayers centered on herself to prayers that embraced and uplifted others.

In this practical book she shares valuable insights gained from her experience and shows how intercessory prayer can bring you greater joy, blessings, and closeness to God.

Paperback, 122 pages, $7.99.

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Prayer WarriorsPrayer Warriors

Prayer Warriors will open your eyes to the struggles going on in the lives of seemingly ordinary people dealing with painful realities. But more than that, it will raise the curtain on the struggle behind the scenes, where angels and demons fight for the eternal destiny of each human. In every case, angels stand ready to protect the children of God. But it is not the might of God's angels that turns the tide against the plans of the demons. That power comes when the hands of a warrior are folded in prayer.

Paperback, 313 pages, $12.99.


Guardians brings the power of prayer to life. Picking up where she left off in her bestseller, Prayer Warriors, Celeste perrino Walker continues to weave the remarkable story of ordinary people struggling with life and with their relationships with God. Prayer--their own and the prayers of those who "stand in the gap" for them--is their only hope as spiritual warfare rages all around them. Behind the scenes, angels and demons fight to influence their minds and their decisions.

Paperback, 317 pages, $12.99.

Prayer CountryPrayer Country

Ever feel as if your prayer life has fallen into a rut? That you're just mechanically going through the motions of devotions? If so, this book could well mark the beginning of a radical transformation in how you communicate with God.

It happened that way for author Dorothy Watts. God led her on an expedition of discovery into Prayer Country that brought her to a place of profound peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Paperback, 128 pages, $8.99.

If My People PrayIf My People Pray

What would happen in our homes, churches, and communities if we followed God's counsel in 2 Chronicles 7:14, humbled ourselves, and prayed? That question is explored and answered in Randy Maxwell's If My People Pray, a book infused with passion for prayer as God's chosen method for establishing His kingdom through us and supplying our greatest needs.

Paperback, 187 pages, $10.99.

30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life

As the year 2000 approaches, now more than ever, Christians are praying that Jesus will come soon. Maybe you've lost hope in prayer and have made it just a good daily habit. Perhaps you've wanted to develop an intimate prayer experience--finding joy and effectiveness in intercessory prayer. 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life will encourage you in a simple and organized way to develop fervent, Spirit-filled prayers. As you read these 30 practical chapters--your prayer life, faith, and relationship with God will be strengthened.

Paperback, 128 pages, $7.99.

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