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The Published Ellen White Writings CD-Rom

Ever want to know everything Ellen White said on a particular subject? Are you wanting to have everything she ever printed? Do you want to do this for less money? This is for you. The Standard Edition Ellen White Writings CD-Rom contains 77 of Mrs. White's most important books.  The Published Ellen White Writings CD-Rom contains everything that Mrs. White ever had printed plus the King James Version of the Bible. The Legacy of Light contains the Standard or Complete editions with a multimedia CD on the White Estate and Mrs. White's life.  With any official CD from the White Estate you can look up anything by book and page reference or by subject.

New Lower Price

Standard Edition 59.99
Legacy of Light Standard 99.99
Complete Works 159.99
Legacy of Light Research 199.99

Bible Commentary CD-ROM 249.99
Bible Notebook CD-ROM 39.95
Christian Library Sage-CD-ROM 69.99
Images From the Bible CD-ROM 99.99
Master Christian Library CD-Rom 69.99
Online Bible--Basic CD-ROM 9.95
Online Bible CD-ROM-Windows 39.99
Words of the Pioneers CD-ROM 195.00



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