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Ellen White has undoubtedly been the most influential Seventh-day Adventist in the history of the church. Her personal presence and her writings did much to shape and guide Adventism during her seven decades of prophetic ministry. Since her death in 1915 her counsel and insights have continued to direct the denomination.

The Truth About AngelsThe Truth About Angels

We are being bombarded with information and misinformation about angels. In The Truth About Angels, the most recent Ellen White compilation, learn the truth about these heavenly beings and their job here on earth.

Hardback, 314 pages, $12.99.

EGW CD-RomThe Published Ellen White Writings CD-Rom

Ever want to know everything Ellen White said on a particular subject? Are you wanting to have everything she ever printed? Do you want to do this for less money? This is for you. The Published Ellen White Writings CD-Rom contains everything that Mrs. White ever had printed. With this official CD from the White Estate you can look up anything by book and page reference or by subject.

Available options include a standard (70 book) collection or complete collection of everything written, and the Multimedia CD Legacy of Light.

Without Legacy of Light With Legacy of Light
Standard Collection 59.99 99.99
Complete Writings 159.99 199.99

Spirit of Prophecy Study BibleThe Spirit of Prophecy Study Bible

The all-time best-selling King James Version of the Bible now comes with Ellen White's quotes as footnotes on the bottom of the pages.

Bonded Leather, $89.99. Now Only $69.99!

Meeting Ellen WhiteMeeting Ellen White

Who is Ellen White? George Knight, Professor of Church History at the SDA Theological Seminary, answers that question in this book. The first section presents a concise biographical overview of her life. The second section introduces the reader to both her published and unpublished writings, showing the major categories that her counsel to the church falls in. The third section explores seven major themes that run through all she wrote.

Paper, 127 pages, $8.99.

Reading Ellen WhiteReading Ellen White

George R. Knight sets forth in a clear, simple manner the principles that will help every reader to interpret and apply Ellen White's counsels to his or her life. The first section looks at the purpose of her writings, their relationship to the Bible, the role of compilations, and how to read her work systematically. The second section examines fundamental principles of interpretation. The final section explores how to apply Ellen White's counsel to both our lives and the lives of others.

Paper, 140 pages, $8.99.

My Dear Brother MMy Dear Brother M...

Why Ellen White wrote the letters in Testimonies to the Church. With stories chosen from each volume, Paul Gordon, former secretary of the E. G. White Estate shares insights into the individuals and circumstances involved in these messages. But more than that, he opens our eyes to the person who wrote the messages.

Paper, 160 pages, $9.99.

Conflict of the Ages Set
Conflict of the Ages Set Cloth 59.99
Conflict of the Ages Set Paper 39.95
Patriarchs & Prophets Cloth 12.99
Patriarchs & Prophets Paper 9.49
Patriarchs & Prophets Paper 7.95
Prophets & Kings Cloth 12.99
Prophets & Kings Paper 9.49
Prophets & Kings Paper 7.95
Desire Of Ages Cloth 12.99
Desire Of Ages Paper 7.95
Acts Of the Apostles Cloth 12.99
Acts Of the Apostles Paper 9.49
Acts Of the Apostles Paper 7.95
Great Controversy Cloth 12.99
Great Controversy Paper 9.49
Great Controversy Paper 7.95


Christian Home Library
Adventist Home CHL 12.99
Adventist Home White-CHL 12.99
Believe His Prophets CHL 12.99
Child Guidance CHL 12.99
Child Guidance White-CHL 12.99
Christian Experience CHL 12.99
Christian Heritage Set CHL 35.99
Christian Heritage Set White-CHL 35.99
Christian Service CHL 12.99
Christian Service Special-Paper 4.99
Christ's Object Lessons CHL 12.99
Colporteur Ministry - Trade 90 CHL 12.99
Counsels on Diet & Foods Special-Paper 6.99
Counsels For The Church EGW 12.99
Counsels on Diet & Foods CHL 9.99
Counsels On Education CHL 12.99
Counsels On Health Cloth EGW 12.99
Counsels on Sabbath School Work CHL 12.99
Counsels on Stewardship Paper 6.99
Counsels on Stewardship CHL 12.99
Counsels To Parents Cloth EGW 12.99
Counsels to Writers CHL 12.99
Desire Of Ages Red Gift EGW 10.99
Desire Of Ages Small Cloth EGW 8.99
Early Writings CHL 12.99
Education CHL 12.99
Evangelism CHL 12.99
Faith and Works 8.99
Fundamentals of Christian Education CHL 12.99
Gospel Workers CHL 12.99
Great Controversy Red Gift EGW 10.99
Last Day Events CHL 12.99
Life Sketches CHL 12.99
Medical Ministry CHL 12.99
Messages to Young People CHL 12.99
Messages to Young People White-CHL 12.99
Mind Character and Personality 1 CHL 12.99
Mind Character and Personality 2 CHL 12.99
Mind Character and Personality Set CHL 24.99
Ministry Of Healing CHL 9.99
Promises for the Last Days 11.99
Publishing Ministry Special-Paper 8.99
Retirement Years CHL 12.99
Sanctified Life CL 8.99
Selected Messages 1 CHL 12.99
Selected Messages 2 CHL 12.99
Selected Messages 3 CHL 12.99
Selected Messages Set of 3 CHL 35.99
Sketches From the Life of Paul 10.99
Spirit of Prophecy Set Vols-1-4 46.99
Spirit of Prophecy Vol 1 12.99
Spirit of Prophecy Vol 2 12.99
Spirit of Prophecy Vol 3 12.99
Spirit of Prophecy Vol 4 12.99
Spiritual Gifts 1 & 2 12.99
Spiritual Gifts 3 & 4 12.99
Steps To Christ - Giant EGW 7.99
Steps to Christ Large-Print 4.99
Steps to Christ Pocket-PA 2.15
Steps to Christ Pocket-LEA 17.99
Steps To Christ Paper 3.99
Steps To Christ Cloth EGW 8.99
Story of Redemption CHL 12.99
Story of Redemption Special-Paper 6.99
Story of Redemption Easy-English 9.99
Temperance CHL 12.99
Testimonies To Ministers EGW 12.99
Testimony on Marriage, Divorce & Sexual Behavior CHL 12.99
Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing 6.99
Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing EGW 8.99
Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing Pocket EGW 19.99
Truth About Angels, The CHL 12.99
Voice In Speech And Song CHL 12.99
Welfare Ministry CHL 12.99



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