Vegetarian Alternatives to Meat

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Why go meatless?

Health is the first and most important reason more attention is being paid to a meatless diet. Extensive research has shown that vegetarians are less likely to suffer heart attacks, and they have a significant advantage when it comes to diabetes and breast, prostate, ovarian, and colon cancers.

But what do I eat if I can't eat meat?

What we offer here won't solve all your diet problems, but it can really help. There are many different choices of completely vegetarian meat substitutes. Each one offers not only a great-tasting substitute for meat, but in most cases a decrease in the fat and sodium content as well!

Who makes these products?

Worthington FoodsWorthington is the leading brand of delicious vegetarian foods. Worthington products are generally low in cholesterol and lower in fat, especially saturated fat, when compared to their meat counterparts. Their wide selection of products offers vegetarians and those who simply wish to consume less meat a delicious, wholesome vegetarian alternative.

Loma Linda FoodsLoma Linda offers a diversity of unique vegetarian foods. These products include dehydrated granules that can be used to replace meat in recipes, vegetarian gravies with hearty stock flavors that deliciously top any vegetarian meal, and ready-to-use canned and frozen products that make savory meals in minutes. Whatever your choice, Loma Linda offers vegetarians and people who wish less meat a variety of delicious options.

Natural Touch FoodsNatural Touch products contain no artificial ingredients, flavors or colors and use only vegetables, legumes, grains, spices and other natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are important, but so is taste. All Natural Touch products are carefully seasoned to offer the right balance of flavor with nutrition. Many products are under 3 grams of fat per serving, with no cholesterol. Use Natural Touch in recipes to create appetizing vegetarian cuisine, or simply serve as an entree.

Morningstar FarmsDo you want realistic taste of meat while eating a vegetarian diet? Morningstar Farms products offer realistic spices and textures that may fool even the most skeptical eater.

Another popular manufacturer, Cedar Lake, offers a variety of outstanding vegetarian food alternatives.

What types of foods are available?

Hot Dogs Steaks & Patties Hamburger Luncheon Meats Chicken & Turkey Chili, Stews, & Soups Fish Entrees & Roasts Breakfast Alternatives Milk Substitutes Hot Drinks Gravies & Broths

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